Yocaher Skateboards: Live the Skate Life

Yocaher Skateboards: Live the Skate Life

Skateboarding is a sport that consists of sliding on a board with wheels and at the same time being able to perform a variety of tricks, most of them lifting the board off the ground and doing figures and pirouettes with it in the air. It is practiced with a skateboard, a flat wooden board bent at the ends and having two axles (trucks) and four wheels, preferably on a flat surface, anywhere where it can be rolled, either on the street or in skateparks.

This sport, which today is a lifestyle, originated in California between the 60s and 70s. From there, there are many brands that have been created to contribute to the skateboard world with their board designs and every day managing to innovate more in this field.

Yocaher, is one of those great brands that in the middle of the skate mecca, year 1997, in Southern California, aims to earn a reputation as a professional and experienced skateboard manufacturer. Undoubtedly a great challenge for the Yocaher team. Since then, the Yocaher team has worked tirelessly on each and every board, truck, wheel and accessory, which, by the way, are all designed in-house in the USA. Don't waste time on anything else. It focuses only on the skateboard and longboard industry.

Yocaher, is one of those great brands

The innovation capacity of its creators, leaders and collaborators, make that day after day, new shapes and dynamic Yocaher graphics appear. All the time. Its creators are proud to offer a high quality product at an affordable price, all professionally built to order in the U.S. As if that were not enough, this brand has been known to sponsor various events in the skateboard community and schools, which makes the ''Live the Skate Life'' more and more intense. All the time, every time, every place, you just Live the Skate Life.

The innovation of its creators

You can choose Yocaher at any time. HERE you will see various designs that are made for you, to live the true skate style. Choose your next ride from our wide variety of complete Yocaher skateboards and longboards, which will arrive at your door quickly, professionally assembled and completely ready to ride. You can also choose what you need from our full line of replacement parts for your worn out Yocaher components. Whether you're looking for your first skateboard, your next one, or a longboard for cruising.

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