the Geometric Longboards Series

Get your life full of style with the Geometric Longboards Series

These geometric longboards are for fun riding! A simple, clean and reassuring geometric design goes a long way. Along with dual-tone options, a wide color scheme, and is available in various shapes. The Geometric series is simply made for you! Which is your favorite, the Pink or Green one??

Geometric design is a fun trend that focuses on the simplistic beauty of mixing certain shapes, lines, and curves to get creative results. In the Longboard world, these styles are simple but with a lot of personalities and a touch more towards abstract artwork.

This series is also characterized by being available in various shapes, that just like their art, they adapt to your lifestyle, your essence, and your personality. This series of Longboards features boards like the Kicktail, which has a medium concave with a good platform for your feet, so you can bomb down the hill, do big tricks, ollies, pivots, slides, and much more.

Another shape is the Drop-down which uses a downward curve between the trucks to lower the rider's platform and has a top-mounted truck design. It is also available in the Pintail shape, which is the original shape of the longboard; this is ideal for carving, like a short surfboard, without the fins, of course.

In this series, we will also find boards in Drop through shape, which have cutouts at the ends of the board and put the rider closer to the pavement than a board that rides on top of the trucks. Another shape available is the "Campus cruiser" which, with its small size, allows for intense carving and full control when using the skate tail for sharp turns.

Additionally, this series also comes in Micro cruiser form, which allows for different types of riding. It can be used by young children or by experienced carvers who can get in and out of a tight pattern. And of course, you can't miss the standard skateboard deck. This new school skateboard comes with a soft concave that allows for a flatter skating style. The edges of the board are not as arched compared to the medium and steep concaves.

Now that you know the variety of boards and innovative designs you can find in this series, it's time to get yours! In addition to the Geometric series, we have different collections and models that you can adapt to your personality and lifestyle. Find the one that suits you best by exploring our website.

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