Kahuna Creations: The Culture made Board

Kahuna Creations: The Culture made Board

Kahuna Creations pays respect, honor, tribute and love for the Hawaiians who introduced board riding to the world hundreds of years ago. The word "Kahuna" means "Chief" or "Leader". Kahuna Creations' brand is driven to take a lead in remembering the Hawaiians and to always "Live Aloha"!

"There is something about board riding. When you ride, all of your troubles vanish. Your mind and soul, for an instant, connect with something sacred. You learn what real fun is, what real happiness is and what real fitness is. Our goal is to give everyone, of all ages, that feeling...Once you get it, no one can ever take it away." Steve McBride, Founded Kahuna Creations in 2004

Their designers weave the Hawaiian Spirit throughout the product line. Each product is truly a timeless classic to be cherished and ridden for years and years!

Kahuna Creations: The Longboard Life

Everyone can ride! Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Families, Couples, Seniors...everyone! Experience the sheer joy of board riding by getting a genuine Kahuna Creations product.

Jjoy of board riding by getting a genuine Kahuna Creations product

In 2006, Kahuna Creations invented the patented land paddle™ and transformed the SUP and longboard scene by creating the Kahuna Big Stick™. Land paddling is the ultimate cross trainer to paddleboarding. Kahuna Land Paddling combines the smoothest riding longboards with world class land paddles.

Kahuna Creations products are of highest quality. The products are meant to be enjoyed for years and years if stored out of the elements and taken care of. The detail and components are made of the highest quality, parts, woods assembled with care by Kahuna Creations Riders that are vigilant in producing the best board riding products in the world.

Join the Kahuna Board Rider Nation and become a part of the world-wide Kahuna Creations’ Ohana!

The Kahuna Creations Logo

The shield is depicted on the beloved Hawaiian Kahili Flag. It represents the symbol of the flag that was burned and destroyed by the invaders of the islands. The surfing symbol represents the Ki'i Pohaku petroglyphs carved by the ancient hawaiian board riders. Kahuna Creations pays tribute to those whom started it all. The silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands represents the love a lot of people share for Hawaii. The circle circumscribed on the logo depicts the circle of life and how our love for board riding runs through the beloved Hawaiian Islands. The Spirit of Aloha runs deep in all of us...Long Live Hawaii!

The Kahuna Creations Logo

If you want to know more about this great brand that pays homage to ancient cultures, you can discover it on our website. We also have a lot of information about longboards, skateboarding and what you should know to start riding, or to do it in a better way. Just enjoy!


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