Animal Designs: The 3 Great Advantages

Animal Designs: The 3 Great Advantages

Here you will discover the 3 great advantages of using the image of animals on your Longboard, stay here!

Our board is the container of our values, of what we want it to represent our style and personality, or what we would like it to represent. We always have an ideal of how we want people around us and society to see us.
The design of our board is one of the most relevant elements that serve the purpose of being recognized in the world of skateboarding or longboarding; and, it is, therefore, an essential element of our style that deserves the utmost attention. A sloppy logo design will say a lot about our board, and an attractive logo easy to remember and identify will be a weapon that we will always have at our side. Today we are going to talk about a tool widely used by brands that manufacture longboards and skateboards: the use of animals as an integral part of the design.

Animals as an integral part of the design

The right animal gives us an advantage.

This resource has 3 major advantages:

  1. Humans find it much easier to remember an animal, which is already something identifiable, than a geometric logo or any other type of design; our board will therefore be more easily remembered and a connection will be generated between our board and who we are.
  2. Depending on the behaviors, the roles that animals have in nature, their habitat, or their state of development, we tend to identify them with a series of values; if we select the right animal, it will do for us the job of transferring its values and characteristics to the people we skate with, and to the environment in general, making them associate us with that animal. Not bad, right?
  3. We can choose the animal we want, giving it expressiveness and character, making it look friendly, aggressive or hieratic, according to our needs and convictions. There are animal designs in all brands and any type of longboard you are looking for. You can check the animal designs here.

The animal kingdom is so important for the skateboard world that even one of its referents, such as Tony Hawk, has a brand named Bird House, after his nickname ''The Birdman''. And yes, skateboarders are associated with birds, since many of the tricks make it look like they are flying through the air, something incredible!

So, for example, a lion is the king animal, the king of the jungle, the big boss, and it is, perhaps, one of the animals of which there are more designs in different brands, because it is very striking for people who want to be referenced with that kind of characteristics that the lion has. There are different designs of wild animals, which will surely help you to generate a better impression, to relax and be sure of yourself and enjoy every day as something special with your crew in your neighborhood, and surely you will be the most original of them.

Following, you can discover some animals and their meanings

  • Panther Design

The panther can be seen as a symbol of courage, beauty, cunning, cruelty, grace, protection, as well as death and rebirth. It is not surprising to see this majestic animal used in many different logos. The use of a panther logo can convey strength, honor, and courage.

  • Serpent Design

The snake logo design is closely related to religion and as part of history. In other cultures, it is related to guardianship. Snakes also have a poisonous side and can even convey an evil undertone, when used properly. The snake is seen as a symbol of transformation, rebirth, healing and even immortality.

  • Eagle Design

The connotation of the golden eagle is strength, might, dominance over others, warrior character, aggressiveness and bravery. During the War of Independence, this species was used in different banners, signifying the yearning for freedom. It is a powerful animal that represents strength and precision, due to the sharpness of its vision, since it can see its prey up to 2 kilometers away. It is characterized by living between 30 and 35 years. It has dark brown plumage with golden tones, and when its wings are extended, it delimits the four cosmic directions, reaching a length of more than two meters. With a length from beak to tail between 80 and 90 cm and a weight of up to 6 kilos. Its voice is a loud cry that is rarely heard.

  • Leopard Design

The fastest member of the animal kingdom, the Cheetah symbolizes many of the things that make it such an amazing member of the animal world. These include action, quick thinking, passion, progress, affirmation, flexibility and protection. Many charts, use leopard symbology in a way that appears to be in motion or with a look of animosity to represent protection.

  • Lion Design

King of the jungle. The lion alone needs no introduction. Many board designs choose to use a lion head in their logo to convey strength and stability. Companies that choose a lion for their logo include majesty, strength, courage, justice, excellence, and endurance. It's a great model, the lion symbolism for your longboard, or skateboard.

  • Wolf Design

The wolf symbolizes intelligence, freedom, loyalty, communication, compassion and friendship. At the same time, a wolf can symbolize power, unity and trust. Many logos will convey the confidence or power it possesses. Therefore, we must keep in mind the symbolism of the wolf in your board design.

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