AKAW! Surfskates

AKAW Surfskates

Akaw Surfskate, often referred to as AKAW!, is a brand that aims to bring the feeling of surfing waves into urban environments, providing an experience that helps break the borders between the sea and the earth. Started in 2022 this young exciting company aims to deliver products that aim to closely emulate the movements and sensations of surfing, essentially enabling individuals to "ride real concrete waves". The term "AKAW!" is an old-school surfer expression that surfers shout out when they spot a perfect wave or when they are shocked or surprised.

This reflects the brand's commitment to creating products that evoke the energy and excitement of spotting that perfect wave.

AKAW! Surfskate is the brainchild of Ivan Moreno, who from when he was a little boy, liked skating and snowboarding. Moreno embarked on the creation of NOMAD Skateboards 22 years prior. The conception of AKAW! emerged from Moreno's thirst for reigniting his passions and embracing new challenges in a highly fragmented market and an evolving skateboarding milieu.

The surfskate concept harks back to the grassroots of skateboarding in the 1970s, where the primary focus was on pure enjoyment. AKAW!'s products are thus envisioned as "toys of good," designed for the sheer pleasure of cruising and shredding, injecting a sense of fun into every ride.

The company believes that surfskates, which are wider than a regular cruiser or longboard and provide a feeling close to surfing waves, have a big potential to keep evolving. Try out these awesome boards.


Whats a Surfskate?

A surfskate isn't your average wide cruiser, it's enhanced with a distinctive front truck (often referred to as a "surf truck") that boasts an impressive degree of movement. This unique feature makes surfskates incredibly nimble and speedy in their turns compared to traditional cruisers. These boards offer that added touch of responsiveness that's perfect for carving in true surf-style. Moreover, they allow for extreme surf-inspired turns and snapbacks, bringing the thrill of surfing to your everyday commuting or casual cruising.

How does surfskating differ from regular skateboarding?

The main difference lies in the maneuverability. Surfskates are designed to be highly responsive and can execute tighter turns, allowing for a riding experience similar to surfing. This is largely due to their unique truck design, which offers a much wider range of motion.

Can I use a surfskate for commuting?

Yes, surfskates can be used for commuting. Their maneuverability makes them great for navigating through crowded spaces. However, they're best suited for relatively smooth surfaces and may not perform as well on rough or uneven terrain.

Is surfskating hard to learn?

As with any sport, there's a learning curve to surfskating. However, even if you're a beginner, you can start enjoying it almost immediately. Over time, with practice, you'll be able to execute more complex maneuvers and turns.

What is the ideal length for a surfskate?

The ideal length of a surfskate largely depends on your personal preference and what you intend to use it for. Shorter boards (around 30") offer more maneuverability for tricks and tight turns, while longer boards (over 32") provide more stability and are often preferred for cruising and longer rides.

When was AKAW! Surfskate founded?

AKAW! Surfskates was founded in 2022 in Zaragoza Spain.