Krown Longboards

Krown Longboards

Krown Longboards are great beginners entry-level longboards. They are good at making effective low-cost boards. Perfect for those just starting out.

Excellent Longboard beginners brand with a wide variety of boards. From Pin Tails to Kicktails and many more. Check them out.

Krown Pintail Longboards make a perfect first longboard for all ages. Classic flat shape with a small nose and pintail that’s easy to ride. Measures 9″ x 43″ and constructed with 10-ply maple wood, 7.0 aluminum trucks, 70mm 70A wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings

Krown Kicktail longboards are perfect for someone looking to get their first board. Kicktails are a classic and easy-to-ride shape with a slight concave. Small nose and a kicktail. Made with 10-ply Maple wood. Measures 9′ x 43″ featuring 7.0 aluminum trucks, 70mm 78A wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings.

Krown Exotic series longboards feature Bamboo with Maple wood core construction. A popular construction for riders seeking strength and rigidity, awesome looks, and renewable materials. 2 layers of baked bamboo cover a strong maple core creating a board with awesome flex. Complete with aluminum alloy trucks, 71mm wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings. Top coated with long-lasting clear spray grip tape.

Krown City Surf longboards are a take on the classic pintail shape. Easy to ride with a slight concave and a small nose. Measures 9″ x 46″ and constructed with 10-ply maple wood, 7.0 aluminum trucks, 70mm 70A wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings.

Krown Elite longboards are perfect for skaters on a budget. Made with the highest quality materials for an unbeatable price. These maple drop through boards measures 9.25″ x 36″ and feature a comfortable and innovative shape. Complete with aluminum alloy reverse kingpin longboard trucks, high rebound 70mm 78A wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings.

What are Krown Longboards' decks made of?

Krown Longboards' decks are made of Canadian maple, which is known for its strength and durability.

What types of longboards does Krown Longboards offer?

Krown Longboards offers a variety of longboards, including pintail, drop through, and cruiser longboards, as well as freestyle and downhill longboards. They are popular and sell out quickly

Is there a weight limit for Krown Longboards' longboards?

Yes, Krown Longboards' longboards have a weight limit of 220 pounds. The Krown Boards are great starters boards.