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Jucker Hawaii Longboards

JUCKER HAWAII's credo is "Be Pono" - do what's right! They are the only skate brand based on Hawai'i's Maui island and are operating with respect for the Hawaiian culture to respect the Land, respect the Ocean, and give back from where you take. Their products reflect the dream of the Hawaiian lifestyle beneath the waves and valleys of the islands in the Pacific. Their product designs pull from authentic Hawaiian art. Their boards are great fun and much liked by their riders.  ~ Enjoy your ride!

FAQ JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Skateboards

Where is JUCKER HAWAII based?

JUCKER HAWAII is the only Hawaii based longboard brand and operates out of Lahaina, on the island of Maui. Shipping for some of the boards might take a couple of extra days, and it's totally worth it.

Are JUCKER HAWAII boards any good?

The Jucker boards are designed by skaters for skaters who have many years of experience. They have some unique boards and setups to totally tailer the experience to the type of riding you plan to do. They are excellent, check them out!

Who owns the JUCKER HAWAII company?

JUCKER HAWAII is owed by Mike Jucker who has over 20 years of experience as skateboarder, snowboarder and stand-up-paddler. You can see that the passion for skating combined with the Hawaii live blends into the board he designs.

What type of boards does JUCKER HAWAII have?

JUCKER HAWAII has a whole range of boards, from skateboards, longboards, surfboards, cruiser boards and more. Their graphic designs are Hawaii inspired and go from simple blank, to black to full vibrant colors. They have boards for beginners as well as the advance rider.