2022 Longboards Collection

Freshly created 2022 longboards, specifically pressed for the 2022 season. Find your new 2022 models of the best longboard brands and see the new designs for 2022.

Looking for a pintail longboard, cruiser longboard, freeride, or downhill, every shape has some exciting new 2022 releases. Brands like GoldCoast, DB Longboards, Yocaher Punked Longboards, Beercan, Quest, Sector9, Dusters, and Madrid Skateboards have added a lot of new fun stuff for this year. Amazing progress is made every year and newer and better longboards for 2022 have emerged. Look at the new 2022 board models and see which one suits you. Some boards are just new for 2022 to our store as we keep extending and refreshing our collections. Find your favorite best 2022 longboard and purchase it today!