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Long Board

A longboard is a long board, the word says it already. It is a long board made out of a piece of wood, which is most of the time maple, bamboo or fiberglass that has wheels under it so you can ride it. It looks like a skateboard but it is usually longer and it has a different shape. Were as skateboards has always a symmetrical shape and two kicktails, a long board has different kinds of shapes and is has also different length. The shapes has all a name. Think about pintail, kicktail, drop thru, fish tail, drop down and many more. It is not always a long board. you have also short board longboards. Even shorter than a skateboard and they still call it a longboard due to its shape.

long board

A Long board comes in graphics or totally blank in natural or one color. When it has wheels and trucks under it and you call it a complete long board. You can choose to get only the deck or you can buy it complete so you can enjoy it right away.

You can pick a long board or actually longboard for a riding style. Some longboards are for freeriding or for cruising and others are for downhill and freestyle. It all depends what you want to do with it.

A long board is a great way to use around town, get some exercise, go from A to B on campus or as transportation to work.
A long board can be decorated with stickers or if you get a blank longboard you can paint it or color your design on it.

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