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Double Drop Longboards

How low can you go?

Double Drop Longboard

All double drop longboards are drop downs as well as a drop throughs.
Twice as low to the ground as a standard board.
Twice as much fun!
The lowered deck provides more stability as the center of gravity is close to the ground, which makes for very good cruising boards.

The lowered platform also provides a more comfortable ride. A double drop longboard is great for freeriding, pushing and stable relaxed cruising. Foot breaking is also a little easier as your foot doesn't have to go that far to reach the ground

They are ideal for sliding. Many or bi-directional which means it doesn't matter which direction you ride the board as there is no front or back. The board is symmetrical so if you turn a 180 deg. you still can ride forward.
They are great for beginners and mimic the feel of wave surfing. Many are customizable so you can get them with the color and type of wheels you desire. Get the more square lipped wheels if you are planning to slide.
These boards are more complex to make and in general a little more pricy, however you get a very modern and solid board.
Here a selection to get your started.
For more drop drops check out the drop through longboard section and see which ones also have a drop down, you can spot them pretty easily.

Pick out you next double drop longboard and have twice the fun!
All double drop longboards are within the the drop through longboard section