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Double Drop Longboards

How low can you go?

Double drop longboards are a unique type of longboard that combines the features of drop down and drop through boards, making them twice as low to the ground as standard boards. This design offers a number of benefits that make double drop longboards a great choice for cruising, freeriding, and sliding.

The lowered platform of these boards provides greater stability, as the center of gravity is closer to the ground. This makes them ideal for cruising, as well as for pushing and foot breaking, since your foot doesn't have to travel as far to reach the ground. Additionally, the lowered platform provides a more comfortable ride, allowing you to ride longer distances with less fatigue.

Double drop longboards are also great for sliding, due to their symmetrical design and bi-directional shape, which means that there is no front or back to the board. This allows riders to slide in both directions, making them ideal for beginners who are learning to slide. Many double drop longboards are customizable, allowing you to choose the color and type of wheels that best suit your riding style. If you're planning to slide, it's best to choose square lipped wheels.

While double drop longboards are more complex to make and can be more expensive than other types of longboards, they offer a modern and solid design that is well worth the investment. Check out our selection of double drop longboards to find the perfect board for your needs. And if you're interested in other types of drop through longboards, be sure to check out our drop through longboard section to find models that also have a drop down feature.

Pick out you next double drop longboard and have twice the fun!
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