Madrid Longboards - Premium Freeride Longboards

Madrid Longboards - Premium Freeride Longboards

Madrid Premium Freeride longboards are very high quality and well made longboards made by Madrid in Huntington Beach CA.

Check them out:


Madrid Longboards - Nessie


Madrid Longboards Yeti 


  • Ultimate control
  • 36 – 38 inches long
  • Do – it – all boards
  • High-quality longboards
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for high speed
  • CNC cut out wheel wells
  • Different shapes to choose from
  • New Designs for 2016
  • Maple and Formica layers to make it extra strong
  • Epic graphics
  • Good concave to lock in your feet
  • Multi set up possible
  • Available in deck only and completes
  • High-quality bearings, bushings, and trucks

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