How to make your own bearing cleaning kit for less than $5

DIY - Maintain your bearings and make a bearing cleaning kit

View the 5 min. video on how to make the bearing cleaning kit for less than a cup of starbucks.

What you need:

  • Small plastic bottle with a wide enough lid (sample: small Gatorade bottle) = recycle
  • Cheap ballpoint casing = one you have lying around
  • Scissors or small handsaw = you have already
  • ¼” washer
  • 2 x ¼” nut with coarse tread
  • ¼” x 6” Bolt with coarse tread
  • O- ring that fits around the bolt (like 1/16” OD x ¼” I.D x 3/32 O-ring)


Now you know how to make a cleaning kit it's time to clean your longboard skateboard bearings. Riding on clean longboard bearings is way smoother and more fun.