5 Longboard Dancing Tricks to Ride Like a Pro!

5 Longboard Dancing Tricks to Ride Like a Pro!

Dance and skateboarding combined in one activity? Yes, of course! Dancing is an art in which the body's movement is used as a form of expression, and now you can do it on your board! Longboard Dancing is a skating style that combines slides, turns, and a series of body positions on top of the board while it is in motion. There are all kinds of tricks in this modality, which some of the most experienced riders combine with other tricks like the ollie or the heelflip. It is awesome!

But don't worry, I assure you that it sounds more complicated than it is. Remember that Walt Disney said: "Think, belief, dream, and dare". That is why in this blog, we will teach you some of the best tricks in this Longboard Dancing world, and with practice, you will become an expert.

It is important to remember that each trick has its own secret to executing it correctly, but in most of them what you have to do is to have the weight in front of the longboard, bend your legs, and do the carving. You just need to believe in yourself and dare!

  • Cross step: As its name says, this trick is based on crossing your feet in order to get an incredible trick of the fluidity of the movement. The first thing you should do, after being in your initial position, and the most comfortable on your longboard, is to bring your front foot and stick it to the back foot keeping a balance point in front, and then the back foot crosses quickly to the front foot. To finish the trick, the foot that is left behind crosses forward again, and the foot that is in front, crosses back, staying in the initial position where you started.

  • FS 360 Pirouette: Have you ever seen ballerinas when doing a 360° turn on their axis? Well, this is one of the most similar tricks to this. It consists of a foot movement, specifically on the toe of the foot in front of you (Left if you are regular, or right if you are Goofy). The first thing you will do after being in the initial position on the board is to put your front foot parallel to the board, then tilt your front foot forward, lifting your heel a little bit to make it easier for you to perform the turn. Then, you make a complete turn (360°) in the direction of the leg in front of you. Thus, at the end of the movement, your feet should be back in the initial position to be able to continue rolling.

  • Peter Pan: It is the best-known trick, and one of the most practiced under this skate modality. Its name, in the best Neverland style, is Peter Pan. The interesting thing about this trick is that it does not require other tricks to perform, therefore it will be the first one you will want to start learning. To execute this trick you should think about moving your body sideways while you take steps crossing your legs and putting your feet as parallel as possible since this way, we will be able to repeat the movement more times and it will make you look quite stylish. Remember to extend your arms for balance and keep the weight on the foot that is closest to the center of the board. When you get to the end of the longboard, here is a point of complexity. What you need to do to finish the trick is to put the front leg first, and then quickly bring your back leg back to the starting position.

  • Ghostride: In each trick, you go up in level thanks to your experience and fluency on your longboard. Well, this last trick is a bit more complex, but with patience and practice, you will surely achieve it. The Ghostride consists of putting the front foot in the middle of the board parallel to it, that is to say, with the tip of the foot facing the front of the board. Then the back foot passes in front of your front foot, and you bring it down to the street; yes, just as you read it, you bring it down to the asphalt. At this point, the foot that is parallel to the board and on top of it has to push it forward slightly to keep the board moving. After that, you just jump on the board again to stay in the initial position.


These 5 tricks will help you improve your skills and show your talent in Longboard Dancing to enjoy the dance, while you take a ride on your board. Little by little and with patience, you will be able to become a longboard expert. Remember that practice will make you improve every day, so don't give up! Now, the most important thing is to have the right longboard for dancing and the best accessories so you can ride in the best way. Visit our Longboards USA website and discover all the products we have available for you!

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