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Best Longboards For Cruising

longboards for cruising

Are you looking for a cruising longboard? Or are you looking for the best longboards for cruising?

Well... This is a hard question to answer right away. And if somebody says: "This is one of the best longboards for cruising!", and yes, they might be right, but it might not be the ultimate board for you. It is all based on a personal view and opinion. What might work for your friend, might not work for you.
It has to do with experience, budget, feeling, your height and weight, how you are going to use it the board, and the preferences you have. So, don't take a word for it right away and buy the same longboard as your friend. Do some research on your own and decide what's is right for you.

The best number 1

We have hundreds of complete tantalizing longboards available for you to choose from as well as many different options to put your own custom board together. If you are new, this can be mind-boggling at first, but we are here to help you. So, shoot us an email if you have trouble.

Cruisers, or cruising longboards are great for a mellow ride from A to B. Like ride to school or just around town, the lake, some hills or transportation to the office than get yourself a cruiser. They are excellent for carving and having lots of fun. Many have great intricate designs and your and your friends will love them. The best longboards for cruising is available in many sizes, so see which is most applicable to your need.

Cruising longboards are sometimes called carving longboards. This is just a name so don't worry about that too much. Pick your desired cruiser longboard from this section and go outside to have fun. This will be most likely the best longboards for cruising for you. You cannot go wrong with our boards.

There are varied shapes of cruising longboards. It is important to check the length. The prime range to start cruising is between 32"-46". That is the mid range size. Think about this: The shorter the longboard the less stable it would be at high speed, but a lot easier to carry to campus or around town. Shorter longboards are also better for small or young riders. The longer the board the easier it is to go faster and it absorbs dips much better, but it will also be heavier to carry around. Most beginners choose a longboard that is between 38"-42". When you are not sure of yourself or you are a beginner and you think you would like a very stable board, you can also start with a drop down board, which is very low to the ground and wide enough to stand on it security. Also the classic pintail is low to the ground.

Below we show you a couple of boards to get started that might be helpful for you, but do check out all cruising longboards.

Some cruiser boards have a kicktail. This is the part where the board goes up, just like you see on skateboards. The kicktail is there to do tricks like ollies. Then a kicktail is very suitablema. Or if you do not want to bend down to pick up your board. You can use your foot for this to kick it up. But if you do not plan to do tricks on a cruiser, it is just fine to get one without a kick.

There are many research websites and articles which attempt to list the "best of the best" boards and although many look legit, the majority is set up to push you towards a specific brand or drive you to amazon or get you to surrender your money to ebay.

The Best Long board

Lets be honest here.

useful Like we said it all depends what you want to spend on a cruising longboard and your own preferences, we have something for everybody! And remember, don't worry, you will have fun anyway as all board are good quality boards! And this will certainly not be you last longboard :) The best longboards for cruising will be the one that is satisfactory for you so you will enjoy the sport!

We don't carry all brands and there are great boards available from other brands like Original, Sector9, Loaded, Landyachtz, Arbor, Duster just to name a few.
If that's what you are looking for, feel free to browse around the web and find the perfect one for you. However you are here now, so why not go through our great cruiser selection from many great and longtime top long board brands you definitely will enjoy.

Below some of killer top longboards we have available for you right now, here at our longboard store.

Did you find the best longboards for cruising? If not, check out all the Cruising Longboards.