Ride on Incredible Roads with the Route 66 Longboard Series

Ride on Incredible Roads with the Route 66 Longboard Series

Going longboarding on Route 66? Then this is the perfect longboard series to use! Hit the roads, experience new places, and make this Longboard your adventure companion. It is a great stable board for downhill longboarding.

Route 66, also known as The Main Street of America or The Mother Road, is the quintessential American road trip. Route 66 underwent many improvements and layout changes, many of which impacted the length of the road quite a bit. One of these was the move of the end of Los Angeles to Santa Monica.

This longboard series is perfect to cruise Route 66 with your friends and feel free because it provides ample foot room, which increases stability at high speeds and makes it a good longboard for speedboarding. It is a must-have product for beginners, enthusiasts, and longboard collectors that will make you get a classic vintage vibe and transport you back to the nostalgic era.

This amazing series is available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and graphics inspired by different iconic and representative images of this route. As with the Route 66 series, we have different collections and styles that you can adapt to your personality and lifestyle. Find the one that suits you best by exploring our website.

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