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Best Ehlers longboards

Looking for the best longboards from Ehlers than you have come to the right place. Ehlers has been producing longboards for several years and adopted a lot of new technology.
Based in California USA, the home of the longboards.

Best Ehlers Longboards

All of Ehlers boards are created with a lot of passion and care. They cover a while range of activities from cruising, carving, freeride, freestyle to downhill. Ehlers has boards for boys and great ones for girls. They cover the whole spectrum and are priced very attractive.
Also available lots of custom boards, just pick your shape, select a nice color trucks and finish it of with your favorite color wheels and you have the perfect board for hours and hours of fun.
Its hard to pick the best of Ehlers Longboards, however here a couple of the fan favorites which is a great indication of what people define as best:-) .

Hope you like them and get one for your self. See the full collection of Ehlers longboards on our site.
See more of great longboards from Ehlers now!
You can't go wrong with the best Ehlers Longboards, something for everybody.