Innovation is possible with Ehlers: Longboards you customize to your style

Innovation is possible with Ehlers: Longboards you customize to your style

Ehlers is a brand created in a small garage in Huntington Beach, California. Since its creation, and guided by its founder and CEO Ryan Ehlers, who has been skating for over 20 years, it has positioned itself in the longboard market as a brand that innovates like few others in this segment. One point in favor of this great company -maybe many!-.

This brand brings something that at some point all skaters dreamed of: being able to customize the board as they want. Something that not many companies achieve, and that Ehlers does to perfection. Precisely this is what makes it different, because each Longboard is created with 100% dedication and care, innovating with new designs and providing several interesting things:

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  • Their decks are of high quality and at an affordable price: they are created with maple wood, bamboo and fiberglass, which adds quality to their innovative idea of customizing each board, if required by the customer. The main wood that's used is real maple. See the best Ehlers decks we have available for you.
  • They say that classic never goes out of style. Well, although Ehlers has an entire system dedicated to producing custom boards, it does not forget about classic practices and shapes.
  • Quality standards on all longboards: all longboards, skateboard, cruisers whether they are minis, drop downs, and drop through, go through an extensive review, to be sure that the function and maneuverability of the board are up to the best standards in the market. All of this is checked before the board is shipped and skated.
  • By using a state-of-the-art heat transfer machine, that applies most graphics, they are able to create many designs, no matter how crazy or weird they may seem. Incredible stuff!


Quality standards on all longboards.

    There are undoubtedly many other characteristics that make Ehlers a unique and innovative brand in a market where versatility is a determining factor. This and other brands can be found in our online store Longboards USA, where you can also browse through various longboard and skateboard blogs that you will surely love. see also 5 Main Differences Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

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