Madrid Squirt 29" Smoke Cruiser Deck

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discontinued board

The Madrid Squirt 29" Smoke Cruiser Deck has a full functioning street concave. This Madrid kicktail Cruiser Deck allows you to go on the curb with ease and do your tricks. The hand-sanded wheel wells make room for larger wheels so you can conquer any obstacle in your path.

The 29" Smoke cruiser has a nice kicktail that helps you with your tricks and this board is ready to ride. This is a deck only. This also comes as a complete. Made in the USA.
  • Dimensions: L: 29", W: 8.125", Wb: 14.5"
  • Shape: Kicktails, Hand-Sanded Wheel Wells
  • Concave:Street Concave
  • Griptape: Diecut Flypaper Griptape
Product code: DIS-MA-DEC17CRUSMO