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Madrid DTF 39" Deception Bamboo Longboard - Longboards USA

Madrid DTF 39" Deception Bamboo Longboard

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discontinued board

The Madrid Deception DTF 39" Bamboo Longboard is designed for carving, cruising and freestyle. The deck is strong with just the right amount of flex to dampen road vibrations because it is constructed with bamboo.  The Deception Bamboo longboard comes in a drop through or a top mount construction. Choose the one you like best. The wheel cutouts allow for hard leans without the risk of wheelbite,  The Caliber trucks and Cadillac Sugar Mamas wheels produce a super smooth ride with exceptional edge control. The shorter wheelbase enables the rider to initiate sharp turns for classic carving and freeride. 

The drop through has a low-rider platform and lowers the center of gravity adding stability, increased speed and push efficiency. 

The Madrid Deception DTF Bamboo drop through or top-mount longboard comes fully assembled and is made in the USA.



  • L: 39" W: 9.75" WB: 29"


    • Caliber II 10" 50° Trucks
    • Cadillac Sugar Mamas 66mm/79A
    • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
    • Ultra-Clear Griptape


    Product code: DIS-MA-OOS-CDEC19SKIDECDRO