Madrid 2016 Split Paddle Freeride 40 inch Longboard Deck

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discontinued board

This Madrid Split Paddle freeride deck will give you a wickedly wide micro-drop platform and a nice length you will need to rip it up, big kahuna style.

The 40" longboard Paddle deck takes its cues specifically from the past when Hawaiians took long carved pieces of wood to surf.

With the large 40." deck, sanded wheel wells, and flat kicks, the Paddle will keep you surfing and stepping for a long time.

This freeride longboard deck comes with diecut Flypaper griptape. Choose your own wheels, trucks and bearings and skate away.

This Madrid Split Paddle longboard deck is proudly Made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.
  • Model: wide micro drop platform, mellow Kicktails
  • Size: L: 40.5" W: 9.75"
  • Wheelbase: 28.75"
  • Construction: Maple
Product code: DIS-MA-DEC16FRESPL