Longboard Sliding Wheels Zaza Irish Green Zaza 70mm 82a

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The Zaza Irish Green longboard wheels are made out of hi-grade urethane and these wheels have a 70mm circumference. The hardness of the wheel is 82a which is a perfect durometer for cutting around corners but also still great for crazy sliding.

The 82a durometer has a little more grip then the average wheels, which means more corner control and consistency.

Great cruiser wheels for a blissful ride - Made in the USA.
These bargain wheels come in a set of 4.
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 82a wheel set
  • Material: Made of high quality urethane
  • Wheels: square lipped
  • Purpose: Perfect downhill and sliding
  • Purpose: Stone ground surface
Product code: DIS-EH-OOS-ZSWH-IGRN-70