Longboard Skateboard Stella Mondo Wheels 75mm - Red

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The Stella Mondo wheels are the best and allow you to have the ultimate grip and is designed for maximum speed due to the inner square lip.

These wheels are made out of super hi grade urethane and has a durometer of 83a (Medium). The wheels have the perfect balance grip and cushion for your setup.

Mark Barfield is a pro-racer and he claims that these are just the best wheels you can buy! Get them now! Set of 4.

Also available in white (78a)

    • Durometer: Offset
    • Durometer: 83A
    • Size: 75mm x 58mm
    • Contact Patch: 54mm
    • Recommended Use: Speed riding, downhill, long distance pushing

    also also available in White (78A).
Product code: DIS-SD-OOS-07-WLSMR