Reach Incredible Speeds with Drop Through Longboards

Reach Incredible Speeds with Drop Through Longboards

If you live in the hills or just want to reach the best speeds, a Drop Through is what you are looking for. A Drop Through longboard has a cutout in the deck, which allows the base plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. This brings the deck closer to the ground, and the lowered platform allows for greater stability at higher speeds.

Drop Through longboards are great all-around longboards. You can cruise and freeride on it and glide down hills with ease and confidence. Also, with the deck so close to the ground it is a shorter reach for your other foot to push off, this makes Drop Throughs superior for longer distances.

As you ride a Drop Through Longboard with your feet placed against the base plate of the trucks, you will have better grip. This makes these boards better for sliding, and because it is more stable, it is also easier to maintain balance during a slide. On the other hand, when you brake with your foot in a Drop through you will see that it is more more controlled than on a top-mounted board, due to the added stability of a lower deck.

Drop Through longboards are a great all-around longboard

This is a board with the trucks dropped through the deck, and is has a lower center of gravity and greater stability. But beyond their features, these boards have many advantages for any skater.

Advantages of Drop Through Longboards

  • Stability: Since these longboards have a lower center of gravity than one with top-mounted trucks, the stability increases, especially in a straight line.
  • Center of gravity: Drop Through boards are characterized by being closer to the ground. This lowers the center of gravity making many things easier, especially for beginners.
  • Easy paddling: It is not necessary to bend the leg on top of the board so much when paddling. That makes that the effort when kicking is greatly reduced, making them perfect boards for long rides.
  • Easy skidding: A low center of gravity means easier skidding. That makes Drop Through long boards perfect for freeride and slides, especially if you're a beginner.
  • Fewer wheels bite: Except for some boards whose shape is poorly designed, Drop Through boards tend to have no wheel bite, which means that the wheel doesn't touch the board when turning.

Of course, trucks are important on this type of board, however, the trucks don't need to be specific to a drop-through. These decks have a hole where the truck goes, and usually have large cutouts for the wheels to prevent wheel bite as we said before.

You can get these longboards with different styles and designs or as a blank board that you can customize and give it your personal touch, these are available in different brands and various lengths. If you don't want a complete longboard, you can buy just the deck and get the wheels and accessories to build it as you please. So don't wait any longer and get your Drop Through right now to reach the best speeds.

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