Discover why Blood Orange wheels are perfect for your Longboard

Discover Why Blood Orange Wheels are Perfect for your Longboard!

Blood Orange is a company dedicated to producing some of the best longboard wheels on the market. They use a unique formula of premium urethane designed to make wheels for all longboarding styles, such as cruiser, freestyle, freeride, dancing, or downhill. The company was founded by Liam Morgan in 2010 and is based out of Santa Cruz, California. Some of their most popular longboard wheels are the Morgan Pro wheels which are available in a variety of sizes, hardnesses, and colors.

Blood Orange has focused on manufacturing high-end components since its beginnings in 2010. What started as a simple line of bushings stocked at Caliber Trucks is today a leader in several categories, including an extensive line of high-performance wheels. Their wheel catalog is extensive and comprehensive, so whether you're looking for a standard set of wheels or something else that can complement your style, don't miss out on Blood Orange.

Downhill Skateboarding Skate Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series Wheels

These wheels come with a support core and compact urethane to make the glide consistent on different types of pavement, making you more confident when going downhill and gliding anywhere. Whether you're just learning or you're an experienced rider of years, these Blood Orange wheels are easy to glide on and are perfect for any level of skater. The unique LMF (Liam Morgan Formula) provides the perfect balance of glide and grip allowing for a new level of style that improves control and predictability. The stone contact surface and rounded lips make these wheels ready for shredding right out of the box.

The Liam Morgan Pro Formula Series from Blood Orange Wheels is without a doubt, the industry standard for downhill/freeride longboard wheels. The LMF has a grainy feel that reacts perfectly to any type of pavement, allowing riders to make controllable slides with predictable hook-ups. Whether you are a beginner or a top pro, this formula is perfectly suited to elevate your freeride performance.

This range of wheels includes three different sizes, each with its own characteristics, but all with the urethane formula that makes them special and exclusive in the market. Now knowing more about the incredible Blood Orange wheels, don't wait any longer to visit the Longboards USA site and explore all the options we have available for you.

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