Madrid Monster and Icon Series

Madrid Skateboards has etched a prominent mark in the realm of skateboarding with its iconic collections, notably the Bigfoot, Yeti, Wendigo, Goat Sucker, Nessie, and the Hyda boards. Each of these boards encapsulates a mystique drawn from folklore and mythology, embodying a unique blend of aesthetics and performance. The illustrious Bigfoot board, for instance, conjures images of the elusive forest giant, while the Yeti board channels the spirit of the Himalayan legend. Similarly, the Wendigo board takes inspiration from the eerie creature of Algonquian myth, and the Goat Sucker board playfully references the Chupacabra legend. The Nessie board pays homage to Scotland's beloved Loch Ness Monster, and lastly, the Hyda board, with its unique flair, rounds off this remarkable lineup. 

These boards are more than just a tribute to folklore; they represent a fusion of artistry and engineering. Each board is meticulously crafted to offer a blend of stability, agility, and smooth maneuverability, ensuring riders have the confidence to carve, cruise, or tackle more adventurous rides. The diverse range of designs and functionalities cater to a broad spectrum of riders, from the novices to the seasoned skateboarders.

Madrid Skateboards, through these boards, extend an invitation to riders to not only explore the urban jungle but also to revel in a rich tapestry of stories with each ride. The allure of the unknown and the thrill of the ride combine to create a skateboarding experience that transcends the ordinary. In every turn and twist, riders find an echo of the legends that inspire the boards, blending an ancient narrative with the modern spirit of adventure. Through this unique range, Madrid Skateboards not only honors the legends of yore but also celebrates the endless possibilities that lie in the heart of skateboarding.