The 8 Best Skateboarding Shoes of All Time

The 8 Best Skateboarding Shoes of All Time

Skateboarding shoes are specifically designed to improve grip and flexibility while skating. They are usually built with reinforced rubber in high-impact areas and triple stitching for a durable fit. Skate shoes are a great choice to be a better skateboarder.

The best skate shoes out there offer upgraded insoles for added impact protection and strong rubber soles for great control while skating. The most advanced skate shoes are designed with technical features that improve comfort and breathability. These sneakers are not just for professionals or skateboarders but have become fashionable, so urban clothing lines to wear in your everyday life, even if you don't practice this sport, they really look good!

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  1. Nike Sb Stefan Janoski
    The first pro skater in Nike Sb history to have a pro model was Paul Rodriguez, and the second was Stefan Janoski. March 2019 marks 10 years since the release of the first model, inspired by the Boat Shoes. It can be said that they had a simple but functional design. They ended up becoming the best-selling of all time displacing the Osiris D3.

    Nike Sb Stefan Janoski
  2. DC Josh Kalis
    Josh Kalis started wearing DC Shoes on his feet in 1997, and his first Pro Model was released in 1998, adapting to the new generation of sneakers in the late 90s. His giant shoes set trends far beyond his native Philadelphia, implementing suede as a signature material.

    DC Josh Kalis
  3. éS Accel
    When éS entered the skateboarding world in 1995, they brought a new look. For example, one of the first models to see the light of day, the éS Accel. They were designed by the founder of the brand himself, the French skateboarder Pierre André, and were characterized by being "unbreakable". Today they have thousands of colors, versions, and collaborations.

    skateboard shoes
  4. Circa Chad Muska
    Muska's career in skate shoe design is a long one, with several pro-models that were a resounding success thanks to his commitment to innovation. His first ProModel was with éS Footwear in 1997, which marked the path for many of those to come. But it was the only one he launched with this brand because in 1999 he went to a new brand Circa, where he launched these shoes, which are the favorite of many skaters around the world. As a curiosity, these sneakers have a peculiarity: their secret pocket in the tongue.

    Circa Chad Muska
  5. Adio Kenny Anderson
    In 2001, Kenny Anderson left Converse for one of the brands of the moment Adio, which had a dream team (Wray, Hawk, Montoya, among others). After about a decade and 4 pro models, he left to return to Converse. The durability is one of the things that most stand out in this model, many athletes love this factor, very important for skateboarding.

    Adio Kenny Anderson
  6. Globe Mullen
    The Hill brothers were established in 1995 in the United States under the name Globe International after several years of selling boards and later incorporating clothing and accessories. Their growth did not stop thanks to signings such as Rodney Mullen, the father of modern street skateboarding, with whom they launched a model of shoe that has been the favorite for decades of more than one skater.

    Globe Mullen
  7. Vans TNT
    Tony Trujillo, one of the legends of skateboarding, has been part of the Vans global team for more than 20 years and has designed several pro models. The TNT is inspired by the mythical Old Skool and with the typical characteristics of the brand (waffle style sole or the iconic wavy white stripe on the side).

    Vans TNT
  8. Emerica Johnson
    Marc Johnson's Emerica was launched in 1997 and had a giant M on the side that quickly identified them as his pro-model, with innovative technology for the time in terms of impact.

    Emerica Johnson

Most of the shoes are old school, created in the late 20th century and early 20th century, where their designs, in contrast to the fashion of 2022 vary too much, however for veteran skaters, and even beginners, this list will give you a better idea of which brands, which superstars of the sport and which models you could use for your next ride to practice new tricks.

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