Girls Longboards: More than a Lifestyle

Girls Longboards: More than a Lifestyle

"When you get on a board it doesn't matter if you're male, female, young, old if you've been doing it for five years or ten... We are all the same."
- Zaîna Amous, 16 years old, Palestinian skateboarder.

Traditionally, it was known that longboarding, and skateboarding, like other types of sporting activities, have been led by men, because women who ventured into this, were taken as rebels. However, every day in the world there is more gender equality. That is why women's longboarding has been consolidated for more than a decade as a movement that has crossed borders and has become more than a lifestyle for girls around the world.

A great community that we can talk about here is the Longboard Girls Crew, a consolidated group of girls who practice this sport and are part of this movement, created in August 2010 in Madrid, Spain, when Jacky Madenfrost and Valeria Kechichian created it.

Little by little, this community grew to cross borders and reach places where longboarding is the universal language. Girls from countries like Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, Czech Republic, Indonesia, and Singapore, among others, show that in the 5 continents of the globe, Longboarding is part of the daily life of women. They see this sport as a style that has led them to improve their quality of life and feel better about themselves and society, in addition to taking advantage of its multiple benefits and building a stronger society.

The impact of this sport is so great that it can generate peace amid war. That's right, we have the example of girls from Palestine, a region besieged by violence, where there is a group of girls they call ''the rebellious skater girls of Ramallah''. Something as simple as gliding over the asphalt on a board means freedom for a group of teenagers who live in the middle of the Palestinian conflict, generating a moment of peace in a very delicate area.

This movement will undoubtedly continue to grow more and more, something that is good for women, gender equality, and society in general. It's important to empower women and not channel any sport in gender because we can all practice longboarding as physical activity, hobby, and lifestyle.

Focusing on the practice, we can say that there are several styles of longboards for women that adapt to different types of riding, such as cruising, carving, freeride, freestyle, and downhill longboarding. The style and shape of the deck of a longboard play an important role in the stability of the board. You can choose between directional or symmetrical board shapes, both of which are ideal for beginners. A crucial note to remember is that the deck and the wheelbase should be shock absorbers.

Girls Longboards

So now you know, if you're a girl and you're thinking about dabbling in this wonderful world of longboarding, be aware of where you can start. The movement is great, so don't worry, empower yourself and start skating the streets of your neighborhood. Here you'll find some longboard alternatives for girls that you might like. '

Our online longboard store has a variety of articles for you to learn, not only about this sport but also about its referents, for example, what shoes you can use to practice it, what tricks you could start practicing, what styles you could combine and much more.

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