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Best Blank Longboard Decks

The Best Blank Longboard Decks gives you a chance to be creative! Instead of having a design already on there, you can make your own design with either spraypaint, regular paint or even markers. You can think of anything. And if you are not that creative, there are stickers available with different pictures, sayings and logos and you can decorate your longboard with this. You can make the best blank longboard decks special and make it your own.

Blank longboard decks are available in different shapes, sizes and material. Think about pintails, kicktails, drop through, mini longboards, drop downs. You can get blank longboard decks sizes from 26 inches up to 46 inches. Some of these sizes and shapes are available in either maple or bamboo or even mixed.

The blank decks are made out of quality wood that can last a long time.

Most maple blank longboard decks come in 7 or 8 ply Canadian or hard rock maple wood.

If you are interested what kind of blank longboard decks we have, check it out: Blank longboard decks.