Bamboo Longboards

Bamboo longboards (or boards made of bamboo wood) are the perfect longboards for you if you want a greater flex. You will often see bamboo longboards as a cruiser deck or as a carver. Sometimes it is mixed with other materials to make it a lot stronger such as fiberglass. It will still keep its bamboo look. Bamboo longboards are darker in color than the maple version. There has been a great leap in reception in the bamboo material for longboards. The flex in the bamboo longboards makes the board ideal for turning, cruising and carving.

Bamboo longboards are lighter than maple longboards. The thinness of the board is a added benefit, which eases the process of commuting of users of bamboo boards. Longboards from bamboo last quit some time and the great thing about bamboo is that has a minimal effect on the environment. Trees do not have to be cut down.

The company Bamboo Skateboards are also making Bamboo longboards. There is a variety of length, shapes and designs. We have them all. Check out all Eco-friendly longboards and skateboards.

The bamboo longboards are also recommended for persons under 200 lbs, however there are also boards that can hold up to 300 lbs. If you need to know which ones and are looking for board that can handle weight take a look at this boards for the heaver longboard rider.

Below some boards, for different riding styles, do check out all the Bamboo Longboards,
If you are interested in the longboards from Bamboo Skateboards do check out all their collectionLongboard skateboards from Bamboo Skateboards.
And of course, we also have skateboards longboards made of Bamboo material from many other brands.

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