Pintail Longboards

Pintail Longboards


A pintail longboard has a unique shape to avoid wheel bite (the wheels coming in contact with the board while making turns), providing ample foot space. It features top-mounted trucks for increased height and ease of direction changes. The pintail shape is one of the most popular shapes and a great starter board. Ideal for carving and cruising, pintail longboards are a popular choice among longboarders.
They range in size from 38" to 46" by 8" to 10". Pintail longboards are mainly used for cruising, but there are also several tricks that can be performed on them. Please browse our selection of pin tail longboard decks or complete boards or the best pintail longboards available for 2023 in this section.

Are Pintail Longboards good for beginners?

Absolutely. When starting to learn how to Longboard you want to do lots of cruising and carving. These are exactly the strong points of the Pintail Shape. The shape of the deck prevents wheel-bite and with the deck mounted on top its very easy to carve around.

Why pick a Pintail Longboard?

Pintail boards are very versatile and excellent for cruising/carving. Many beginner pick this shape as the boards are easy to ride and there are so many great boards in this popular shape.

Is a Pintail the best shape for a longboard?

Pintail are very versatile and great for cruising around in a relaxing way. They are very forgivable and easy to ride. The Pintail is one of the most popular shapes. Every riding style requires slightly different specification of a board, so match your board with your riding style.