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Valhalla Sellout 40" Cruiser Longboard Deck

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The Valhalla Sellout Cruiser Longboard is originally a pro model for Valhalla's star rider. This is built for sharp turns and speeds.The Valhalla Sellout Longboard is a gigantic downhill rockstar. Bringing the classic downhill skate and surfing shape to the modern era with super stiff construction, sharp rails, and incredibly comfortable concave. The Valhalla Sellout Longboard features a continuous taper, giving the skater's back foot the heel and toe side leverage over your trucks. This gives you maximum control in and out of turns. With its top mount construction, this gives you all of the traction and control that one is looking for, without compromising its ability to slide. The Valhalla Sellout has varying wheelbases, so you can customize you want.
  • 40" long
Product code: DIS-MA-DECVALSEL
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