Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA

Z-Flex Mini Gator 7.25" Skateboard

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Product Description

Unleash the raw potential and vibrant energy of the Z-Flex Mini Gator Skateboard, a fierce companion for the budding skater ready to carve, cruise, and conquer the skate parks. Designed with the young enthusiast in mind, this skateboard embodies the spirit of adventure and the thrill of mastering new skills. Its compact size doesn't just cater to the younger crowd; it promises agility and easy control, paving the way to a world of skateboarding feats. Embrace the freedom of the streets and the camaraderie of the skate community with the Z-Flex Mini Gator at your feet – your ticket to a journey filled with exhilarating tricks and endless fun.

Engineered for performance, the Z-Flex Mini Gator boasts a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of skateboarding while providing a smooth and responsive ride. The deck is crafted to support the progression from basic maneuvers to more advanced tricks, ensuring that as skills grow, the board remains a reliable partner in skateboarding development. Its responsive Z-Flex trucks paired with high-quality ABEC7 Z-Speed Bearings deliver the precision and speed necessary for a seamless skating experience. The Z-Flex 52mm wheels are the ideal balance between size and hardness, offering a versatile ride that's as at home on the smooth surfaces of a skate park as it is on the rougher textures of street skating.


- Length: 29.125"
- Width: 7.25"
- Z-Flex 52mm Wheels
- Z-Flex 5" Raw Trucks
- ABEC7 Z-Speed Bearings
- 1" Hardware
- Griptape

Product code: ZF-ZFXC0128
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