Timber Flaming 49" Dancing Longboard Deck - Flex-1 - Longboards USA
Timber Flaming 49" Dancing Longboard Deck - Flex-1 - Longboards USA

Timber Flaming V3 49" Dancing Longboard Deck - Flex-1

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Product Description

Experience the freedom and fluidity of the Timber Flaming 49" Dancing Longboard Deck, a marvel in modern longboarding specifically crafted for dancers and freestyle enthusiasts. This innovative deck ensures every carve, step, and spin is executed with precision and grace. Its meticulously engineered features not only enhance performance but also redefine what a dancing longboard can achieve. Embrace the thrill of dancing on this versatile platform, where every move is smoother and every performance more exhilarating.

The Timber Flaming deck is designed to elevate your longboarding experience. With a slight camber, this deck offers an exceptional energy return during carves, making your rides not only more dynamic but also effortlessly smooth. The flex pattern is nothing short of amazing, allowing for an optimal balance of flexibility and stability. Strong radial concave and enhanced Dancergrip Concave in the kicks provide superior foot grip and control, essential for intricate dancing maneuvers. Additionally, the angled truck mounts are thoughtfully designed to increase turning capability with minimal lean, perfect for executing tight turns and complex dance routines. The deck also features an updated, lighter lay-up and carbon fiber-reinforced kicks, ensuring durability without sacrificing performance. Plus, an extra layer of bamboo on the bottom of the kicks significantly extends wear times, keeping your longboard in prime condition longer.


- Length: 49"
- Width: 9.05"
- Wheelbase: 27.7 - 30.07"
- 2 Stage Kicks
- Wheel Wells: Long
- Material: Bamboo and Fiberglass
- Concave: Mellow

Available in 3 flex options:

- Flex-1 (flex): for rider's weight up to 143 lbs
- Flex-2 (medium): for riders 110-176 lbs
- Flex-3 (stiff): for riders 154-220 lbs

Each feature of the Timber Flaming 49" Dancing Longboard Deck is meticulously crafted to enhance your dancing and freestyle capabilities, ensuring a superb and long-lasting riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned longboard dancer or just starting out, this deck is designed to help you push your limits and expand your horizons.

Product code: TB-FL0004
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General Description

THE long freestyle dancer.

For fanatic fast flamboyant footwork, folks find Flamingos Fabulous. Or Fantastic. Or even flabbergasting. Is that a word? We don’t know. ‘Flamazing’ might be the right word to describe the feathery fowl. Fowl is another word for bird. Trust me, I looked it up.

With its length of 126 cm / 49,6 inches, the Flamingo provides an excellent balance between the old and new school dancers currently on the market. This bird has a lot of space to fulfill all your boardwalking needs while still being versatile from a freestyle point of view.

This lean, mean dancing machine has a quite narrow feeling to it. Having a waist of 9.05 inches so the board does not tip over when doing some aggressive Peter Pans or chops. (+4 style points)

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