Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" Cruiser Skateboard - Longboards USA

Swell Coral Pink & Gold 28" Cruiser Skateboard

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Product Description

This complete Swell Coral Pink/Gold/White 28" is a Cruiser Skateboard that easily fits in your backpack to ride any time and any place.

The Coral Gold board is inspired from a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  If there is one thing in this world to see is this reef.  Its been too long since I have been there, but the memory of the coral and the fish gave life to this skateboard. This board has gold trucks and is for those of you that just wanted a little more fun to your board   "Livin' Life"

The Coral Gold and the Swell Brand is created from years of riding the streets of Santa Barbara and around Lake Tahoe.  It all started in a garage and has now come to life for others to enjoy.  


  • DECK- Soft Coral Pink
  • TRUCKS- Gold Hanger And Base
  • WHEELS-Soft Slate Blue
  • BEARINGS-White ABEC 7 with high-speed oil
  • BUSHINGS- Soft Slate Blue
  • BOLTS-Gold

THE DECK:  We start off with a high strength Polymer that has just enough Flexibility but not too much to so it will handle the daily use.  It has a waffle non slip surface that never wears out. We remove the shine for a more matte finish look for an amazing appearance.

THE TRUCKS: are created out a the strongest 356 cast aluminum.  We then take the trucks and color powder coat then for a durable long lasting finish.

THE WHEELS:  are polyurethane wheels that are slightly larger than your typical 28" board so you can get over those small imperfections in the road.   Size-59mm  Softness-83A

THE BEARINGS: are one of our favorite part of the board.  It may not seem like much, but the bearings are the heartbeat of the board.  Having bad bearings is like putting bad gas in your car... it just doesn't run as good.  Our bearings are Stainless Steel ABEC 7 the industries highest rating.  We take these ABEC 7 bearings and pack them with high speed bearing oil for not only a smooth ride, but it will last through those dusty roads or even when you leave it on the lawn and the sprinklers hit it. 

THE BUSHINGS: have a Durometer reading of 87a.  That is a perfect amount of stiffness for those long fast downhill straightaways and yet soft enough to make some nice wave like turns.

THE BOLTS: are created from high tensile strength steel then painted to create a great color feature on your board.  You wont need to worry about these bolts as we have made sure every part is perfect down to the last bolt.


  • Width: 7.25"
  • Length: 28" 
  • Pink polymer deck
  • Molded waffle pattern plastic grip
  • Kick tail for added control
  • Trucks: 356 Cast Aluminum Engine Gold Hanger And Base
  • Wheels: 59mm 83A Soft Slate Blue
  • Bearings: White ABEC 7 with high speed oil
  • Bushings: Soft Slate Blue
  • Bolts: Gold
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