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Raven Top Mount Double Kick Longboard 38" maple - Deck

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The Raven Top Mount Double Kick symmetrical longboard is a must have. It has a 26" wheelbase. This is a great board for sliding. Your feet will be planted securely and the kicks makes it easy to do tricks. This symmetrical freeride board is made out of high quality 9 ply hardrock Maple It has an elliptical concave. Get it now- no frills just fun - Made in the USA.

The Raven double kick longboard comes in deck and complete. This one is deck only. Great freeride longboard and so much fun.
  • Shape: Freeride
  • Size: 38" x 9.25"
  • Concave: Elliptical Concave
  • Wheelsbase: 26"
  • Material: 9 ply hard rock maple
Product code: CL-39RAVD
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