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Primitive Rodriguez Projects 8.12" Blue Skateboard Deck

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Product Description

Introducing the Primitive Rodriguez Projects 8.12" Blue Skateboard Deck, the ultimate choice for skateboard enthusiasts who crave a combination of style, durability, and performance. Get ready to shred the streets with confidence and style like never before!

When it comes to skateboarding, you need a deck that can handle your tricks and provide a smooth ride. That's where the Primitive Rodriguez Projects 8.12 Blue Skateboard Deck comes in. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this deck is designed to enhance your skating experience and take your skills to new heights.

Made from 7-ply Maple construction, this deck offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. It can withstand the toughest tricks and challenges, ensuring it will last you for countless sessions. Whether you're grinding rails or perfecting your flips, this deck will be your reliable partner in crime.

Not only does the Primitive Rodriguez Projects 8.12" Blue Skateboard Deck deliver on performance, but it also stands out with its eye-catching design. The vibrant blue color adds a touch of personality to your setup, making you the envy of your skate crew. With this deck under your feet, you'll not only perform like a pro but look like one too!

- Width: 8.125"
- Wheelbase: 21.5-25.2"
- Construction: 7-ply Maple
- Truck Mount: Top Mount

In conclusion, the Primitive Rodriguez Projects 8.12" Blue Skateboard Deck is the perfect choice for any skateboarder looking to elevate their skills and style. With its durable construction, eye-catching design, and versatile specifications, this deck is a must-have for riders of all levels. So, grab one today and get ready to take your skateboarding game to the next level!

Product code: ES-1DPTVRODPROJ81B
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