Madrid Roses Lil Dude Flex 32 inches Longboard

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discontinued board

Smell the Roses while riding on this little Dude longboard.

The Roses Lil Dude Flex longboard is a nice and small board. It is light on the push and quick on the slide. This cruiser does it all. It is a smaller version of the Madrid Dude.

This Flex Cruiser complete comes in 3 favorites. The maxed set up with a fiberglass top and a functional kicktail longboard. You can also choose the maxed set up without fiberglass. Or go for the more affordable standard set up without fiberglass.

Roses Lil Dude Flex completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and with Paris Street 180mm trucks and Cadillac 'Khanas or White Walls wheels 70mm wheels

Take it anywhere you want and dice through the crowds.
This Madrid Lil Dude long board is proudly made in the USA.
  • Model: Top Mount, carving longboard
  • Construction: Fiberglass layup with kicktail
  • Size: L: 32" W: 8.5" WB: 20.5"
  • Griptape: Flypaper griptape
  • Trucks: Paris street 180 mm
  • Wheels: Cadillac √§√≥√ñKhanas 70mm
  • Bearings: Cadillac High-Performance bearings
  • Construction: fiberglass flex layup & Flypaper Griptape
  • Standard Setup
    • Trucks: Paris street trucks
    • Wheels: Cadillac white walls with precision bearings
  • Maxed Setup
    • Trucks: Paris 180mm
    • Wheels: Cadillac 'Khanas with cadillac bearings
Product code: DIS-MA-CDEC16CARROS-02