Madrid Midget Optic Picket Cruiser 23" Skateboard 2016

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discontinued board
This Madrid Optic Picket Cruiser skateboard is a killer board. This midget skateboard is 23" long and had some in-depth testing so it will be able to handle everything and this is the final product. The Picket has a simple kicktail with a street concave proven since the 70's and it's not made of plastic to boot.

This midget skateboard comes complete with Paris 129mm trucks and Cadillac White Walls wheels.

The Madrid midget cruiser is Made in the USA.
  • Shape: Midget, Cruiser, Kicktail, Street Concave, Slight Kick Nose
  • Trucks: Paris 129mm Street
  • Wheels: Cadillac White Walls
  • Size: L: 23" W: 7.075" WB: 12"
  • Bearings: Precision steel bearings
  • Griptape: Flypaper griptape
Product code: DIS-MA-CDEC16MIDOPT