Madrid Havoc Freeride 38 inches Longboard Deck

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discontinued board

The Havoc Deck is Madrid's downhill racing deck with zero flex and deep concave top mount longboard. This weapon of mass destruction is designed with 'skate everything' in mind, so don't waste precious time fiddling with your setup. This board is ready to slay anything.

The 2016 Madrid Havoc deck is here and more apt for for any obstacles you may encounter along the path of shred! It's completely equipped to do it all. The 2016 design was modified to strengthen the wheel wells and flares for longer durability, also equipped with more rocker for comfort and control while keeping it simple yet sophisticated.

This Madrid freeride longboard deck
with multiple wheelbase options this board is ready to shred. The Havoc deck comes with an optional Formica top sheet which increases torsional stiffness and reduces road vibrations

This Madrid Havoc longboard deck is proudly made in the USA.

Note: The Madrid Havoc longboard deck comes without griptape.
  • Model: Kicktail, Rocker, W-Concave, CNC wheel wells
  • Size: L: 38.25" W: 10"
  • Wheelbase: 21.625√§√≥¬ù, 22√§√≥¬ù, 22.75√§√≥¬ù, 23.125√§√≥¬ù, 23.75√§√≥¬ù, 24.125√§√≥¬ù, 24.875√§√≥¬ù, 25.25√§√≥¬ù, 25.625√§√≥¬ù, 26.25
  • Construction: Maple and maple/formica
Product code: DIS-MA-DEC16SKHAVFOR