Madrid 50Cal Downhill 36 inch Longboard Formica 2016

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discontinued board

Perfect for the giant mountain passes and to cruising to the grocery store. The 50Cal handles most terrain with a comfortable concave and plenty of foot space.

Calvin Staub designed this 2016 pro model: the Madrid 50Cal 2016! The riding platform has room for whatever you think you can do on it. With a nice black look and a Madrid emblem on the bottom, this longboard makes it a keeper.

Madrid's T-3 concave lets you know where you are with a slight W that stays consistent throughout the length of the board.

Available in Maple and Formica, which are used in construction to dampen vibrations and keep the board strong and stiff.

The Madrid 50Cal pro series Longboard with Formica is proudly Made in the USA.
  • Size: L: 36.25" W: 9.625"
  • Model: Maple Formica Downhill board, CNC wheel wells
  • Trucks: Caliber 180mm Raw trucks
  • Wheels: Venom 72mm Cannibals
  • Bearings: Cadillac High-Performance bearings
  • Concave: W-Concave
  • Wheelbase: WB: 28.625"
  • Griptape: Diecut Flypaper griptape
Product code: DIS-MA-CDEC16DOW50CFOR