Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard - Longboards USA
Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard - Longboards USA
Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard - Longboards USA

Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard

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Product Description

Unveiling the future of longboarding - the Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard! This exquisite piece of engineering is not just a high-performance longboard; it's a mesmerizing work of art that will turn heads and make a statement wherever you ride.

Crafted with precision and passion, our Clear Longboards embody elegance and innovation. The deck is expertly constructed from premium, crystal-clear acrylic, providing a truly transparent experience that lets you see the world beneath your feet as you glide along the streets. Say goodbye to conventional wooden boards and embrace the future of longboarding with this modern marvel.

Performance is at the core of Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard. The board has a perfect flexibility and sturdiness blend, offering an unparalleled riding experience. The deck's transparent nature is not just visually stunning; it provides valuable feedback on your stance and balance, enabling riders to connect more intimately with their riding surface.

Embracing the spirit of minimalism, this longboard boasts a sleek design that accentuates its transparency.


  • Thickness 0.75" high-quality Acrylic / Plexiglass (for riders weight up to 220 lb)
  • note: 1" thick for rider weight up to 350 lb is also available as a clear deck version - contact us
  • Deck Shape: 40" Wheel Cut directional top mount (some pictures may show other deck shapes, this is so you can see the design graphic better)
  • Length: 40"
  • Wheels: 70mm (pick your own color)
  • Trucks: 180mm (pick your own color)
  • High-performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride


  • Make it light up at night with the additions LED Kit. Making it possible to light your board with ah variety of colors with a handy remote.
  • Add a skate tool, so you can always adjust your bolts and nuts if they get a bit loose, as well losen or tighten your trucks for a making quicker or more controlled curves.

Cruising through the streets has never been more enjoyable and smooth. The premium components include high-quality trucks, precision bearings, and resilient wheels, ensuring stability and agility in every turn and carve. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice just starting your longboarding journey, a Ghost Board is perfect for riders of all skill levels.

    Product code: GH-jellyfish-40wc-longboard-3-4
    ghost boards made in the USA

    This premium product is designed and made in the USA, and we're proud of it!

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    Deck Colors

    Available Board Colors - Default color is Clear

    Ghost Deck Colors


    Available Wheel Colors




    Truck Colors

    Ghost Truck Colors

    Led Kit

    LED Kit to lighten up your board.
    Only available with board purchase.



    Board Shapes and Sizes

    The Ghost boards are available in several different sizes and shapes. Giving you a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

    ghost board sizes and shapes

    Do I need Grip Tape?

    No these Acrylic Longboard aren't slippery, and there's no need for grip tape. The surface of these boards is designed to provide adequate traction for riders, ensuring a stable and secure footing while cruising.

    How about scratches?

    However, like any other longboard, they can incur scratches and dings. To maintain its appearance, we provide cleaning and polishing products to help keep your board in near immaculate condition.

    What is the material these boards are made of?

    They are made of clear Acrylic / Plexiglass (available in 8 awesome colors) with a standard thickness is 0.75″ (for riders up to 220 lbs).
    Also available in color Clear as 1" thickness: 1″ (for riders from 221 – 340 lbs).

    Ghost Boards Warrenty

    Comes with a Limited 6 month manufacturer warranty.

    • This warranty is included with each Ghost longboard and warrants against ANY UNINTENTIONAL deck breakage due to manufacturer error for the period of six(6) months.
    • This warranty does not cover scratches, chips, or damage due to rider misuse and abuse. (Rider misuse includes but is not limited to the following: slamming the board into a curb, wall, running over with a car, truck, throwing your board in any freaking way.)
    • The warranty covers the LED wheels not working, Trucks have any default, and cracks in the board that are from normal riding. (LED lights not working properly)
    • Does not include: stolen, lost, or you break the board from crashing, curbs, running it over, cliffs, rocks, kickflips, cliff diving, using it to hit something or someone.
    Disclaimers. Due to the many variations in phones, monitors, and browsers, the colors in pictures might be slightly different than on the final product. The pictures reflect the product as best as we can. However, sometimes components or color combinations are not available. Manufacturers reserve the right to substitute components on the longboard completes without notice which may alter the descriptions above. The substitution will always happen with equal or better-quality components. Sometimes a complete longboard is shown, whereas the offer is for a board only or vice versa, which is highlighted in the description.
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