Chakra Logo Longboard Stella 40" Deck

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The concept of chakra derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning". It is said that when your chakra wheels spin in harmony you achieve balance.

All longboarders know the best way to enlightenment is through flow and style. The Stella Chakra deck is designed with just that in mind.

A great combination of flex and maneuverability makes the Chakra Logo a wise choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their cruising, carving or freeride experience.

The Logo Chakra comes with a wider nose / tail platform and extended drop through cut out to withstand for torsional flex.

Get your Chakra longboard deck add some trucks and wheels and start riding.

Note: Chakra Logo is also available as a complete board.
    • Shape: Twin Camber
    • Construction: Vertical Bamboo Core / Fiberglass
    • Size: 40" x 8.75"
    • Wheelbase: 30"
    • Griptape: Stella Coarse Clear

stella longboard cruising style
Product code: DIS-SD-07-DLBSTCCL