Bamboo Maya 38 Square Tail Quetzel Longboard (East) - Complete

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Part of the Secrets of the Maya collection: The Square Tail Quetzel bird (East) Longboard

This piece was inspired by the heavenly region of the ancient Mayan Otherworld. Since the sun rises in the east – turning night into day – the Maya associated east with heaven. They often used the sun, the sacred Quetzel bird and the color red in their drawings to represent celestial concepts.

The top of this deck is a graphic representation of the Maya sun hieroglyph Õæ the bottom is a sacred Quetzel bird wearing a ceremonial headpiece. The thirteen gold lines in the center represent the thirteen layers of heaven in Maya cosmology.

This longboard is made out of 3 ply bamboo and 2 ply maple and it comes with crest wheels.
  • Dimensions: 38.75‚Äù x 9.375‚Äù
  • Construction: 5 ply Hybrid (3 ply bamboo, 2 ply maple; 70% bamboo)
  • Trucks: Tracker Fastrack black 150mm
  • Wheels: 70mm/78a Crest Wheels
  • Bearings: Abec 7 Runner
  • Griptape: Clear Grip Tape
  • Hardware: 1.25″
  • Risers: Flat KHIRO Risers
  • Glue in the decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71
Product code: DIS-BM-QUETZEL