Bat Tail Bamboo Chaac 31" Cruiser Longboard - Longboards USA
Bat Tail Bamboo Chaac 31" Cruiser Longboard - Longboards USA
Bat Tail Bamboo Chaac 31" Cruiser Longboard - Longboards USA

Bat Tail Bamboo Chaac 31" Cruiser Longboard

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The bamboo bat tail Chaac longboard piece was inspired by the ancient Maya rain deity, Chaac. Since the cooling rains of winter often came from the north known as the side of heaven the Maya associated north with water. Chaac often used axes to cut open the clouds to produce rain. The Maya believed that rain was holy blood symbolic of agriculture and fertility. They often used concentric circles and the color white to represent northern holy regions.

The top of this deck is a graphic representation of clouds? in the center are circular rain drops released by the ax of Chaac which fall down into a choppy body of water below.

Choosing deck only comes with clear grip applied
  • Technical:

    • 5 ply Hybrid (3 ply bamboo, 2 ply maple)
    • The Bat Tail longboard is 31.5” long with a maximum width of 9.25”
    • The Wheelbase is 17.875” and the nose is 2.5” and the tail is 6”
    •  The board weighs 2.65 pounds

    Standard Complete Includes:

    • 150mm Black/Black Radeckal Standard Reverse King Pin Longboard Trucks
    • Radeckal Blue ABEC 7 Bearings
    • Yellow Crest 65mm 78A Wheels
    • ¼” Flat Hard Risers
    • 1.5” Hardware
    • Clear Grip
    • Complete comes Fully Assembled

Product code: DIS-BM-1-02-016-01-00-L
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