Reasons why you should choose Landyachtz Skateboards

Reasons why you should choose Landyachtz Skateboards

The short answer is that they love skateboarding. Landyachtz makes the highest quality skateboards. They scrutinize them, and push them to their limits. They figure out how to make them better. As their products evolve, so do their experiences. This symbiosis helps drive the culture of skateboarding.

They started making their own versions of skateboards as a way to have fun while travelling between classes. Riding around campus injected adventure and adrenalin into a moment that wasn’t normally exciting. The enjoyment of travelling on a skateboard was so great, that skateboarding became the destination.

They started looking for corners to navigate and hills to bomb. Their view of the world had forever changed. They started to see their environment as an endless playground, full of possibilities.

Landyachtz skateboards

The reason why Landyachtz skateboards stand out from the rest in terms of quality, value, and enjoyment is because of their attention to detail and their passion to innovate. When they started making skateboards 22 years ago, they didn’t realize how far they were going to push the boundaries of the sport, and the need for stronger, more precise equipment.

The products that were on the market in the late 90’s didn’t stand up to the forces that they subjected them to. The steep and winding streets of their city begged us for bigger and better wheels, stronger and more responsive trucks, and boards that could survive the constant abuse of being pushed faster and harder as they became stronger riders and found more challenging terrain.


All parts that make up a skateboard depend on each other to perform properly. One weak link can affect the entire setup and turn a perfect skateboard into something that doesn’t feel quite right, or even stop it from working entirely.

They realized early on that they couldn’t just make an awesome skateboard deck and then put any old trucks or wheels on it. And the same applies to making trucks or wheels. Just like making a meal, the quality of the dish depends on the ingredients you start with and how they work together. The only difference is that you can ride a Landyachtz skateboard at 100 kph. Don’t try that with mom’s spaghetti!

They have spent the last two decades developing skateboards with the goal of making perfect completes. This means that you can take any one of their boards off the shelf and experience its maximum potential immediately, without any adjustments.

Landyachtz Drop Hammer Board


They fell in love with going fast

They fell in love with going fast. It wasn’t long before they started attending and organizing races. Racing is where new concepts, such as lowering a rider’s center of gravity, allowed us to challenge the conventions of skateboarding. Just like the automotive industry relies on racing to test new technologies in the most extreme circumstances, they used racing to inform how they engineer and develop skateboards that could stay stable at higher speeds, take tighter turns, and slide more predictably.

Racing allows us to push the boundaries of performance. Their successes and failures give us the knowledge to expertly tune all of their products to deliver the ultimate riding experience. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail has resulted in countless innovations and improvements that now live in all their boards. You may not see the difference, but you will feel it.

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