Pintail Longboard Decks

Pintail Longboard decks for cruising are great deck to build your board and to commute from one point to the other without a lot of effort. Decks are made of different materials like maple or bamboo. They are great to get a board that gets you around town, on campus or as transportation to the office. It will be mostly on flat ground, which is the easiest.

Cruiser longboards are some of the best-selling boards and go from cheep to pricey, are actually great for carving and you will have fun like never before. They also sometimes called carving longboards. It is just a name.

longboards for cruising

Pintails are tear shaped to prevent the wheels from hitting the board when making turn. This prevents wheel-bite.

You can get alone the deck, or make it custom based on your needs. Add a trucks, wheels (and some risers if needed) and hardware and you are on your way to a complete longboard. Pick Griptape to complete the package.

You can get pintail longboard decks for carving with either a design or blank from different brands and they are available in different lengths and material. You can get them from 36 inches up to 45 inches.

If you think you are going to do more then cruising eventually, than a longer board is better.

Pintail longboards are around for a while and are probably the most know shape for longboards. They started to be make when save surfers want to continue surfing on the concrete and are a mix of skateboards and surf longboards.
Longboards for cruising are also great beginner longboards. We have many to choose from and if you have a hard time with this, just let us know and we can help you.
If you are interested in complete pintail longboards check out: Pintail Longboards for cruising .