Pin Tail Longboard

Pin Tail Longboard

A Pin Tail longboard comes in a variation of lengths and materials. Blank board as well as with great graphics.

The allure of longboarding stretches across various groups of individuals, whether they are in pursuit of a leisurely roll down winding pathways or an exhilarating rush down hilltops. Among the variety of designs and structures synonymous with longboards, the pin tail longboard notably stands out. The emblematic teardrop shape of the pin tail longboard isn't just an aesthetic appeal, but serves a pragmatic purpose. This distinctive design markedly prevents the dreaded "wheelbite", which occurs when the wheels make contact with the board during a turn. The contour of the pin tail longboard ensures a generous amount of foot space, an essential for maneuvering and ensuring a steady ride.

Delving deeper into the architecture, pin tail longboards are predominantly accompanied by top mounted trucks. This positioning keeps the board elevated, hence offering a vantage point that simplifies the act of changing directions. This is particularly beneficial during carving and cruising, activities that pin tail longboards are well-suited for. They exude a sense of grace and fluidity in motion, making the act of carving through the streets resemble a rhythmic dance.

The length of pin-tail longboards varies, with the range starting around 39 inches and stretching up to 46 inches. However, the consensus among the longboarding community often highlights the 40-42 inch bracket as an optimal length. This length encapsulates a balance, making it a suitable choice for both novices and those with a tad more experience under their belts. 

For beginners, the pin tail longboard is a commendable choice. Its design is forgiving yet instructive, providing a gentle introduction into the world of longboarding. Moreover, for those individuals who are keen on a relaxed, enjoyable ride around town, the pin tail longboard is an exemplary companion. The ease with which one can carve and cruise around, coupled with the ample foot space, makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination. The pin tail longboard isn't merely a mode of transportation, but an invitation to embrace a lifestyle that celebrates motion, freedom, and the simple joy of cruising along to the rhythm of the road.

A pin tail longboard is excellent for beginners and people who just easily want to carve or around town.

Here a selection of some pin tail longboards to get you started.
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