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Madrid carving longboards exist for a long time. Every year, they make new carving boards and add new features to it to make the board even better than it was. ‘Carving’ means The act of turning back and forth down a hill as a form of speed control or fun. Typically, carves are large and form large, smooth “s” shapes which usually span the width of the hill and . Carving is a way to get down the hill for fun, but can also be used by a rider to help control the speed. It is important to know how to carve because it is a very effective way to ride a moderate hill in the event that no safety gear is present. All carving longboards are designed and made in Huntington Beach, CA.

Madrid carving longboards come in different shapes, sizes and style. If you want a small one, consider a Lamp or Roses. If you are looking for an easy going symmetrical board so you do not have to turn the board around when you change directions, go for a Boardgame. It is all about your preferences.

Below are a few of the Madrid Carving longboards for 2016

Madrid Boardgame Dream 39″ Longboard

Madrid Longboards - Board game Dream 39" Longboards Step up your Game on this Boardgame longboard!

You will glide effortless downhill on this symmetrical board. This 39″ Boardgame Dream carving longboard is an excellent board and is ready to convert you!

The Dream Board game comes gripped with Diecut Flypaper Griptape, Paris 180mm trucks (maxed) or Randal trucks (standard) and Cadillac Cruisers wheel

The maxed setup comes with 2 color wheels, the standard setup comes with 1 color wheels. This board is available in Top-mount and drop through.

Madrid Pintail Pie Chart 36″ Longboard

Madrid Longboards - Pie Chart Pintail 36" Longboards Have Fun with Pie Charts – Never get bored riding one!

Are you looking for a more classic version longboard? You cannot go wrong with a pintail. The Madrid Piechart Pintail longboard is a classic longboard and is inspired by the simple past time but refined to meet standards these days. This pintail longboard has a healthy amount of concave so you will be in control of your board when you carve and cross step.

This pintail has sanded wheel wells to keep your wheels wheel bite free no matter how deep you do your cutbacks.

Piechart pintails completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and comes complete with Randal 180mm trucks and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos 70mm 80a wheels.

Madrid Up In Smoke Gun 37″ Fishtail Longboard

Madrid Longboards - Up in Smoke Gun 37 Fishtail Longboard Riding on a volcano or going up in smoke?

Perfect for today’s commuter and push enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you live near the ocean or not, and cannot go on a big wave, you can ride this board anywhere you want!

This Fishtail from Madrid called the “Up in Smoke” longboard is inspired by the classic swallow tail surfboard and has a firm flex and a touch of concave. Ideal from cruising through the mall and on sidewalk as well as some hill sliding.

The Up in Smoke Madrid long board comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, with Randal 180mm trucks, and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos wheels.

Madrid Roses Lil Dude Flex 32 inches Longboard

Madrid Longboards - Roses Lil Dude Flex 32" Longboard Smell the Roses while riding on this little Dude longboard.

The Roses Lil Dude Flex longboard is a nice and small board. It is light on the push and quick on the slide. This cruiser does it all. It is a smaller version of the Madrid Dude.

This Flex Cruiser complete comes in 3 favorites. The maxed set up with a fiberglass top and a functional kicktail longboard. You can also choose the maxed set up without fiberglass. Or go for a more affordable standard set up without fiberglass.

Roses Lil Dude Flex completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and with Paris Street 180mm trucks and Cadillac ‘Khanas or White Walls wheels 70mm wheels

Take it anywhere you want and dice through the crowds.
This Madrid Lil Dude long board is proudly made in the USA.

Madrid Glow In the Dark Lamp Bamboo 31″ Longboard

Madrid Longboards - Glow in the Dark Lamp Bamboo 31" Longboard Keep riding into the night, the Lamp graphic glows in the dark on this longboard! This Doorstop 31.5″ bamboo Lamp carving longboard is a very special one. Build on feedback from the pro’s and other skaters.
A wedged front truck creates a pocket in the standing platform for comfortable carving while redirecting the steering force to the back truck for fun pumping action.

It has a small kicktail and is only 31.5 inch long, however an awesome madrid cruiser to take to class, swerve through the crowd or campus. The glowing effect of the graphic will add to the mystique when you ride and glide by.

Doorstop Lamp comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and comes with Randal 180mm trucks, Cadillac Bearings and Cadillac Cruisers 70mm. This Madrid Cruiser will be a crowd pleaser and the fun never stops even when it gets darker you will continue to have fun.

Madrid has many more carving boards. For all Madrid carving longboards check out longboards USA

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