Longboards on Sale

SALE - Longboards on Sale!
Sale, Clearance Sale!

Looking for a bargain deal on a longboard? You found it!
We have sales as well as cheap longboards and longboards which have a discount.

Sale Longboards

Looking for a discounted kicktail longboard, or a bargain drop down or drop through longboard on sale?
So you are on budget, or just looking for a bargain and want to profit from one of our longboards on sale?

In the on sale section you will find the boards which you can have for a reduced price.
Some are last years designs, where as others we just wanted to price so you can enjoy them right now.
They are all brand new longboards, check it out as for several models the inventory is very low and they are gone before you know it.

Here we listed a couple of boards so you get a quick peek but check out all the on sale board in our on sale section.

Skateboards for sale are also this website, so don't forget to look for the skateboards for sale.

BTW, did you know that all our longboards are priced competitive already?
Go and check them out for yourself and look at the blank boards and complete longboards too. Did you know shipping if free for boards over $75?
Don't forget to check out all the board in the on sale section.