Longboard Grip Tape

Longboard Grip tape is an essential part of the longboard. Some people call it sandpaper stuff if they do not know what the name is. It looks and feels like sandpaper. This is important if you do not want to slide of your longboard when riding it. Your feet will stick to it and you can do tricks much better.

There are tons of different kinds of longboard griptape. Most standard longboards are coming with black coarse grip tape, which is usually the standard grip tape. It is usually a really good grip tape for the majority of riders. You can have this in really coarse or less coarse. Less coarse is ideal for street, cruise, bowl and park longboards and coarser griptape is more for downhill and higher speed longboarding. Your feet really need to stay in place.

longboard grip tape

If you are a racer or ride more aggressive, you want to go with a heaver more agressive griptape. It will feel like you are glued to the board, a super grip product. You can also customize your board with colored longboard grip tape. They are in a variety of sizes and colors and you can design your own pattern.

If you want another color longboard grip tape, just shoot us an email before you order and we can make it happen. It is usually only a few bucks extra, but you have your own special board.

We have rolls of longboard grip tape you can buy, but if that is too much, we sell it also buy the foot. Here are some samples of our inventory.
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